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Hot diggety dog! The books arrived in the mail yesterday and I can say without hyperbole that a thousand suns going supernova is a cosmic joke in comparison to the glory that is our very first comic book! Seriously, the guys at Ka-Blam did a fantastic job on the printing, Jens and I couldn't be happier.

So, now all we have to do is find a place that rents cheap viking costumes and we'll be ready for the con! For the legions of fans who follow this blog I've made this convenient map which leads you past all the trifling bother and straight to our booth!

We'll be doing drawings, signing books and of course checking out the the work of our friends and enemies alike. Good times await for sure, I am super stoked!

Thanks to everyone who lent their support! Hope to see you there!

B + J


  1. Hi there, i bought your comic book this weekend and i have to say that it is AMAZING!!!
    I really hope to get your next issue...
    Once i was in the car driving away later that day i yelled out "Ahhhh I should of gotten it signed! lol... maybe next time :P
    The comic book is funny, sexy and a joy to read from cover to back. I was laughing and smiling the entire way keep up the greay work!

  2. Thanks Brandon! That means a lot to us! - we'll send you a signed copy if you want, send the particulars to bfxinc@gmail.com


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